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Many users love spending time while watching memes and other types of funny videos. Social media is not the only platform where you can find some funny and informative video clips. Several websites and applications are gaining a lot of popularity among the audience of all age groups. 9GAG is one of the newest additions to the list of image sharing websites of the modern world. It has gained a significant amount of admiration from young people, especially from gamers and anime lovers. Many users often search for 9GAG video downloader as this option is not available on the website itself.

You can only view and share the video posts without having the ability to download them. Without this feature, you can’t save the file on the device. This prevents users from sharing the video with their friends on other applications like WhatsApp. Thus, we are here to help you to download the 9GAG video without any hassle.

Now you can not only freely download videos from Instagram and Facebook but also from 9GAG.

How to Download From 9GAG?

This specialized generator is designed to download any video file present on the 9GAG website and application. Follow the steps listed to get the video saved on your computer,

9gag video downloader

1: Click on the video title to open the page on which it is originally uploaded

2: Double-tap on the search bar and copy the URL link of the same page.

3: Paste the same link on the dialog box present on our website.

4: After successfully pasting the full URL link, click the Download option.

5: Wait until the process is complete. This will generate a link that will download the 9GAG video on your device.

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Frequently Asked Questions and Solutions

No doubt in the fact that new users might be reluctant to use the 9GAG video downloader. Some of the frequently asked questions, and their answers are listed below.

What is an online 9GAG video downloader?

9GAG is one of the most famous social platforms that features funny memes and clips shared by users. The online 9GAG video downloader is a special tool that permits users to download the videos in MP4 format.

Is it safe to download videos from 9GAG?

You can safely download all the latest videos available on the 9GAG website using the 9GAG downloader. The users only need to copy-paste the video URL, and the downloader will handle the rest of the work.

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How does the 9GAG video downloader work?

As mentioned earlier, it is a tool that helps you to download 9 GAG videos without installing any third-party app. It doesn’t depend on the type of video; rather only requires the link for the video. After initiating the process, it will automatically download the video from the website.

Can I download videos from the 9GAG mobile app?

Absolutely, you will not face any issue while downloading the video, even from the app. The 9GAG video downloader is even compatible with saving videos from the 9 GAG mobile app. The procedure for the same is below,

1: Open the 9GAG application on your mobile phone.

2: Look for the video that you want to download. Also, you can save the video from the website and find the same on your mobile app.

3: Click the Share option available at the top of the video. Copy the link that appears on the screen.

4: Go to the video downloader and paste the same link in the conversion box.

5: Wait for the downloader to convert the video format and finally click the Download option.

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Where is my video saved on the device?

It depends on the settings of your device. In case you are using a desktop, the system will ask for your download location. Still, you can view the downloads by pressing Ctrl+J.

For mobile device users, you can view the video from the File Manager. It will be saved on the downloads section of the device. Make sure that you have allowed the downloads from third-party sources.

Is 9GAG video downloader free?

9GAG video downloader is available for free for the users. There are no hidden charges involved in using this downloader. You can use this for unlimited tries, and there is no risk of downloading the files again and again.

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What is the size of the downloaded videos?

The downloaded size depends on the actual length of your video. The 9 GAG video downloader can support up to the limit of 3 hours. This means if your video is shorter than this, it can easily save it to your device.

Why choose 9GAG video downloader?

It is one of the leading online video downloaders available for users. Some of the traits that make it the most appreciated tool are,

  • Easy to use and understand
  • The download is only a single click away
  • No download limit for the users
  • Supports all the operating systems
  • High-speed downloads
  • No charges included

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