How to Set Up Paypal for Art Commissions | Complete Guide [2022]

    how to set up paypal for art commissions

    The world is evolving and everyone is quite aware of the various online trends and activities. Moreover, the digitalization process is at the peak and that leads to faster services. Also, internet usage allows the producers to connect with the consumers more effectively. Hence, there are several ways to transfer goods and services across the globe. This further leads to the factor where Monterey transfer takes place. The most probable use is when you receive some payment for your service or product. Thus, online payment services like Paypal are gaining popularity in the industry.

    There are many users who consider new opportunities as their dream career or a side job. Art is one of the most common considerations when we talk about earning some money. Anyone with good skills can promote their stuff to the users who are looking for better artistic paintings and models. If anyone is looking for ways to how to set up Paypal for Art Commissions, you are at the right place. Hence, this complete guide will tell you all the secrets to get the job done. Also, there are no legal threats, and everything will be totally fine after you set the account. Make sure to read the full article and don’t skip any section for a better grasp. If you want to know about how to change your Twitter handle, click here.

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    What is Art Commission on PayPal?

    First, it is important to know about the basic concept behind the Art commission related to Paypal. It refers to the scenario where the artist charges some money to provide ordered paintings or art modules. Also, there is nothing specific about when you need to go with this step. This all depends on the perspective of the person and how confident he is about his work. You might be thinking that this feature is only for modern artists who use digital techniques. However, you can be anyone to apply for the same until you are good at what you do.


    The best way to promote your skill is through various social media handles. You can post some sample paintings or sketches and attract the audience. Once you establish yourself in the market, you can start getting the commission. Also, make sure that you have the required details about the project before accepting it. Thus, once you are ready, there are some further challenges waiting for you on how to set up Paypal for art commissions.

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    How to do Art Commissions with Paypal?

    Paypal is a popular name when it comes to activities related to the transfer of money from one account to another. Users can choose to send payments across various countries according to their needs. However, they will charge a little percentage of the amount shared across the portal. Thus, this can be termed as the processing fee of changing the currency and other documentation. For instance, if you send $50 to another user, he will receive around $47 in their Paypal account. This is how things work while sending money across the borders.

    Now, the question arises that how to set up Paypal for Art Commissions and start earning for your work. The first thing that needs to be done is to have a Paypal account with all the correct details and documents. Moreover, you will require a Business Account as Art commissions come under the business category. Thus, the answer to how to set up Paypal for commissions lies in the following steps,

    Step 1

    First, go to the official webpage of Paypal or directly look for it in Google. The website might differ according to your current location (country).

    paypal website

    Step 2

    Click on the Signup button present on the header bar of the website. You will need to make a new account and proceed with using Paypal for art commissions

    paypal signup

    Step 3

    Next, there will be two options for you to choose from while making the account- Individual or Business. Select the Business account option and click on Next.

    Step 4

    The next thing is to fill in further details related to the Business account. This page depends on every user’s preference. Thus, put the information accordingly.

    paypal business account

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    Step 5

    Hit the Next button and a dialog box will open asking for the email address. The user needs to use a fresh email ID that is not linked with Paypal before.

    Step 6

    Then, choose a suitable password to connect with the previously filled email. Make sure to remember the password for future references.

    Step 7

    Once your account credentials are ready, you will have to fill in the personal details. Also, the portal will ask for an overview of the business that you are using.

    Step 8

    Now a new page will open that will show all the details that you filled in the earlier stages. This is when you need to complete the online verification to start using the account if you want to know how to set up Paypal for art commissions.

    Step 9

    Make sure to verify the email address and other details written on the screen. This is important for users using Paypal for commissions.

    Step 10

    You have to use an active bank account and comply with all the requirements to Paypal. Moreover, this account will receive all the payments in the future.

    paypal business setup

    Step 11

    The final step is to verify the bank account details (not mandatory)

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    Therefore, these steps will help you with how to set up Paypal for art commissions. Some users might wonder how to do commissions on Deviantart. The procedure is almost the same but it considers cash as points. Thus, make sure to follow all the steps in sequential order and get yourself a new business account.

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